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                            Achalsingh(Founder, R.1757)
               |                 |                   |             |
          Kishore Singh    Pancham Singh    Trilok Singh    Jawahar Singh
               |              (R.1835)               |_____________
               |                 |                   |             |
            Jagatraj         Daulat Singh     Achal Singh    Majboot Singh
               |                 |            
           Bakhat Singh     Rao Hindupat(R.1840)
                     Rao Bahadur Chatradhari Singh(R.1877, C.S.I 1887)
                      ('Raja' title given in 1903)
                            Harpal Singh

  The founder of this Jagir was Achalsingh, grandson of Garibdas, an ordinary Rajput soldier in the army of Maharajadhiraja Chattrasal. Achalsingh got this jagir from the ruler of Panna...Hindupat in 1757.

After Ali Bahadur overran Bundelkhand and this State in particular, it had become independent. The Britishers granted 'Sanad' to the Alipura State in 1808 and appointed Diwan Pratapsinghji as the ruler. His son Pancham singh wanted the Jagir divided amongst all his brothers but this was against the policy of the Britishers. Later Bakhat Singh, grandson of Kishore Singh and grand nephew of Pancham Singh began quarelling with his uncles so the Britishers took away much of the Jagir and instead (as compensation) gave yearly allowances to Bakhat Singh and some of his uncles and brothers.

The Britishers conferred many titles to the rulers of Alipura as they helped during mutiny in 1857. These are 'Rao Bahadur' in 1877, C.S.I. in 1887 and later the ruler was also given the title of 'Raja'.