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                              Asafajah Nizam-ul-mulk
                              Gaziuddin(Founder, R.1784)
                              Nasir-ud-daulah Jafrang(R.11-5-1815)
                                       |                               |
                              Mohammad Hussain Khan(R. 18-10-1838)     |
                              Mehdi Hussain Khan(R.1859)                            
                              Riyaz-ul-hussain Khan(R.1893) 

Baoni is the only Muslim state in Bundelkhand. Gaziuddin was the grandson of Nizam-ul-mulk Asafajah. He was the minister to both the Mughal Emperor in Delhi and the Nizam of Hyderabad.

After quarelling with his father he decided to go away to southern India. On his way there he was given the Jagir of Baoni by the Peshwa in 1784. At that time the Jagir comprised of 52 villages out of which 3 were taken away by the Subedaar of Kalpi. The Jagir was however restored after he made an appeal to the British.

After Mohammed Hussain Khan(grandson of Gaziuddin) there was a dispute for the succession and it finally lapsed to the British Rule in 1836 as the last legitmate ruler Riyaz-Ul-Hussain Khan was a minor after his Uncle Mehdi Hussain Khan died.