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Bundelkhand ka Sankshipt Itihaaas --- Gore Lal Tiwari, first published 9thMay, 1933.
A must read first book(Hindi) on Bundelkhand. A detailed account of the area around Bundelkhand has been presented beginning with the Maurya period down to the British era.I have made extensive use of this book and am deeply indebted to my uncle M.K. Mahipendra Vikram Singhji(Ajaigarh) to have so kindly lent me this book for long periods of time.

Life and Times of Maharaja Chhatrasal Bundela -- Bhagwan Dass Gupta, first published 1980.
An excellent english book for historians. Contains dates and facts of the highest possible accuracy. The copy that I borrowed came from the library of my cousin Maharaja Ajayraj Singh(Ajaigarh) who constantly supported me by lending numerous books and papers on the subject.

Chhatra Prakash -- Gore Lal Purohit, first published unknown.
A poetic work of great historical value composed by Lal Kavi(Alias Gore Lal Purohit) at the instance of his patron Chhatrasal. Most of the bundelkhandi verses in this website are from this book. Pogson's "History of the Boondelas" contains its somewhat inaccurate english translation.